Paragraph classes are used for definitions typically applied to paragraph-level nodes. The style settings of all parent elements (e.g. lists) will be also inherited to the paragraph style. Inline-style settings specified in a paragraph class will be applied to all child nodes, if not overwritten.


Style Settings

See also: Inline

Setting Type Examples Description
default-tab-interval Length 4cm, 20pt, 4em The default length of the spacing between the beginning of two tab stops.
first-line-indent Length 1em The indentation of the first line of a paragraph.
hyphenation Boolean yes, no Whether hyphenation shold be applied to a paragraph.
justify-line-breaks Boolean no, yes Whether text should be justified on line breaks. (PDF only. Fixed line breaks are always justified when opening DOCX files in Microsoft Word, but not justified in Pages.)
keep-with-following Boolean yes, no Keep the paragraph with the following paragraphs if a page break occurs.
line-height Length 1em, auto The distance between the baselines of two adjacent lines of a paragraph.
margin-bottom Length 1em The bottom margin of a paragraph.
margin-left Length 1em The left margin of a paragraph.
margin-right Length 1em The right margin of a paragraph.
margin-top Length 1em The top margin of a paragraph.
orphans-and-widows Symbol allowed, prevented The handling of orphans and widows in paragraphs.
page-break Symbol none, after, before Specifies, whether a page break should occur before or after a paragraph.
tab-alignments Array left, right, center The horizontal text alignments for each tabulator.
tab-positions Array [4em, 8em, 12em, 16em] The start positions for each tabulators.
text-alignment Symbol left, center, right, justified, auto The horizontal alignment of a paragraph’s text.


See also: Inline


// Default style settings
defaults {
  font-family:    "Helvetica Neue"
  text-align:     justified

// Paragraph style settings for all headings
heading-all {
  font-family:     "Futura"
  text-align:      left
  margin-bottom:   10pt