Lists are special blocks that consists of a list of items. Each item has an enumerator that may be counted. Lists have a special pseudoclass :enumerator that allows the styling of the enumerator of each item.


  • Definitions:

    • list-ordered

    • list-unordered

  • Generic:

    • list-all: Matches any list.

Style Settings

See also: Block, Paragraph, Inline

Setting Type Examples Description
enumeration-format String %p), %*.%p The format string that should be used for generating an enumerator.
enumeration-style Symbol decimal, lowercase-alpha, uppercase-alpha, lowercase-roman, uppercase-roman The style that should be used for generating an enumerator.
item-spacing Length 0.5em The spacing between two items of the list. (PDF only.)
itemization Symbol itemize, none Specifies whether a list should be treated as ordinary block.
text-inset Length 4em The position of the text inside a text list.


See also: Block, Paragraph, Inline

Class Description
:enumerator The style of the enumerator of a list. Supports all Inline style settings.


// Create a text list enumerated with "a), b), c)"
list-ordered {
  item-spacing:       0.5em
  enumeration-format: "%p)"
  enumeration-style:  lowercase-alpha
  text-inset:         3em

// Style the enumerator of the list in bold
list-ordered :enumerator {
  font-weight:       bold